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Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation Treatment in Jabalpur

What is dimple creation?

It is a little-known fact that dimples are actually considered a defect called zygomaticus major. They occur naturally when there is a defect in your cheek musculature. The skin lying over this defect gets wedged into it, in the connective tissue, creating dimples in the cheeks.dimples have long been considered beautiful. The problem is that they occur naturally. Only 20% of the human population has naturally occurring dimples. The remaining 80% are left wanting them desperately.

Surgical steps

A dimple plasty is performed on an outpatient basis. This means you can get the procedure done at your surgeon’s office without having to go to the hospital. You may also not need to be put under general anesthesia. First, your doctor will apply a topical anesthetic, such as lidocaine, to the area of skin. This helps to ensure you don’t experience any pain or discomfort during the surgery. It takes about 10 minutes for the anesthetic to take effect. Then a small cuts are made on both sides of internal sides of cheek and muscle is dissected and one or two sutures are taken between muscle and skin.

Recovery timeline

Recovery from dimple plasty is relatively straightforward. You don’t need to stay in the hospital. In fact, you can usually go home immediately after the surgery. Soon after the procedure, you might experience mild swelling. You can apply cold packs to reduce swelling, but it will usually go away on its own within a few days.


Initially results are static but later on fibrosis develops and dimples become dynamic means they appears only on smiling.

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