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Hymenoplasty Treatment in Jabalpur


Vaginoplasty ispopularly known as ‘vaginal rejuvenation’where the vagina is made tighter by removing the vaginal lining and reducing thediameter of the vagina. The fit during intercourse is tighter making it more pleasurable. Generally, in vaginal child birth the musclestend to get loose, making the vagina more capacious. Surgery rectifies the stretched vaginal muscles It gives a womanmore control over her vaginal muscles.

Risk Factor

The most common formof risk in this kind of surgery is a bladder infection. It can lead to inadequateemptying of the bladder and later thescars within the vagina can lead to tenderness and pain during intercourse. Ittakes as many as nine months for thehealing process to complete before thetrue diameter can be appreciated.


The surgery involves reconstructinga hymen to restore its virginal state suited to individual needs andexpectations. It gives an intact and tight hymen ring to the vagina. It may beindicated for social reasons where a woman who is not a virgin wishes to bepresent herself as one to her newly acquired boyfriend or husband.

Risk Factor

It can lead to painand over-sensitivity of thereconstructed skin or there may be a lossof sensation. Either way, it may make the experience of sexual intercourse notas pleasurable as previously.

All cosmetic procedures require extensivecounseling and the expectations of the patients undergoing such surgery shouldbe realistic rather than hyped, as often is the case. Cosmetic surgery is aboon to someone who is disfigured, but can become sometimes a curse to someonewho wishes to enhance their looks. So, be careful on what procedure you selectand which surgeon and hospital you select.

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