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Split Ear Lobule

Split Ear Lobule Treatment in Jabalpur

Earlobe surgery is a simple, outpatient procedure to repair stretched or torn earlobes that have resulted from tearing, trauma, piercing, or gauging the ears. This minimally invasive procedure can greatly improve ear proportions and overall facial aesthetics.

About the procedure: -

Earlobe surgery is one of several procedures done to improve the shape, size, or contour of the ears. Earlobe surgery is done specifically to correct tears or splits in the earlobe caused by trauma whereas a similar surgery, earlobe reduction, is performed when the skin on the earlobe begins to droop and sag. This surgery can correct partial, full, or multiple tears in the ear. Partial tears are commonly caused when a pierced ear is elongated and stretched with large gauges or heavy earrings. Full tears occur when the bottom lobe of the ear is completely separated. Multiple tears are caused by either external trauma or when multiple earring holes are torn completely through the bottom lobe.

Before surgery begins, the area will be cleansed and marked for the planned excision. The earlobe will be infiltrated with a local anesthetic to provide comfort for the patient during the simple 10-15 minute procedure. If the tear in the lobe is partial and does not break through the bottom of the ear, the elliptical tear will be excised and sutured. If the tear is in the lower third of the earlobe, your provider may extend the tear completely through the ear, excise the skin, and suture the ear into a pointed shape.

The goal of earlobe surgery is to restore a normal appearance to the ears or create a new position of the earlobe that is in better proportion with the rest of the face.

Ear lobe surgery also can be done with the help of glue.

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